Mobile App Development

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Career Path

Module I (Mobile Computing Overview)

  • Mobile Overview, Trends, Mobile Enterprise, Case Studies
  • Understanding Mobile Computing

Module II (Mobile Application Foundations)

  • Roadmap to Mobile Web Development
  • Introduction to HTML5 and JavaScript programming
  • Developing Mobile Web applications with Dojo Mobile
  • Developing Mobile Web applications with jQuery

Module III (Mobile Application Developer)

  • Mobile application design types
  • Develop a mobile app to run on Android or iOS platforms
  • Use client-side APIs for cross-platform portability
  • Mobile Frameworks: Dojo and jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch UI
  • Use Apache Cordova framework to access native functions.
  • Mobile Enterprise: Use IBM Mobile First server-side APIs for back-end integration
  • Secure a mobile application using authentication techniques.
  • Manage updates and versions

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