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Alliance Manchester Business School Executive Leadership Programme: Succeeding in International Markets; Strategic Leadership within emerging Economies.

It has never been more important for leaders to be able to adapt to the changing business environments in which their organisations operate. From recognising the impact of global market places to economic and organisational sense making, the role of a leader in international business is a complex and evolving one.

Lonadek in collaboration with Alliance Manchester Business School, United Kingdom brings to you a strategic leadership management programme that recognizes the dynamic environment in which businesses of the future will operate. The strategic leadership programme with theme ‘Succeeding in International Markets; Strategic Leadership within emerging Economies’ explores what you will need to succeed and remain relevant in the ever-changing business landscapes of international markets.

The four (4) day intensive high-level leadership programme offers leaders of organisations from Africa, emerging economies, the Gulf region and Europe a unique opportunity to come together at the Hilton Waldof Astoria, Jumeria Beach, Dubai to study as well exchange innovative  ideas. The programme draws from both Alliance MBS and Lonadek’s appreciation of the Oil and Gas, Power, Infrastructure, Extractive and Energy markets. 

Benefits of Executive Leadership Management Program

At the end of the programme participants will:

  • Develop new ideas and ways of working to create multi-sector stakeholder synergies and collaboration.
  • Connect with Alliance MBS and become a part of the Executive Education Network
  • Receive update on global issues, news and events as well as discounts on future Executive Education programmes.
  • Create maximum value when making a transition into a new sector or division.
  • Increase their network of business contacts, associates and partners
  • Gain better insights to initiate and manage team based problem solving
  • Apply critical thinking to solve complex organisational challenges
  • Develop a better understanding of corporate strategy and understand how key areas of responsibility fit into the overall strategy of an organization
  • Capitalise on the best market opportunities and develop plans to implement market strategies
  • Gain a better understanding of organizational processes, particularly those that create and enhance corporate value chain
  • Manage teams effectively and align management practices to increase organizational effectiveness
  • Test and apply the knowledge you gain to real business cases
  • Exchange insights with other managers from a variety of industries and backgrounds who deal with similar business issues 

 Benefits to Organisations

This programme enables participants to confidently apply what they have learned to:

  • Instill a cross-enterprise perspective in the management team
  • Stimulate, re-energize and retain the organization's most valuable resource - its high potential managers
  • Establish more strategic decision-making practices within the organization
  • Groom the most promising leaders to take on leadership roles of greater capacity, thus facilitating succession planning
  • Initiate and implement new business ideas with high visibility and return on investment
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships and alliances for business growth with global brands

Key Learning Objectives

  • Better understanding of today’s international markets
  • Understanding the importance of strategic thinking
  • Understanding the evolving nature of world trade affected by globalization
  • Understanding the provision of more coherent and credible leadership in the face of market uncertainty
  • Clearer understanding of how systemic changes and its effect on businesses
  • Applying the global techniques and skills for funding initiative, profitable project implementation as well as cost control
  • Initiating and implementing Change Management within the organization for profitability and productivity. 

Learning Methodology

The programme will be delivered by a team of world class academics who have been practitioners as well as thought leaders in their fields. Over the four days, you will be required to concentrate your activities on intense and participative face to face classroom sessions. The sessions are built on relevant case studies allowing you to test out the theoretical concepts through syndicate group discussions and presentations. The Alliance MBS brings considerable depth of experience onboard to deliver inspirational insights into managing change and achieving success.

Learning Content

  • Changing Context: the old, existing, developed, emerging, economies/countries
  • Businesses of the Future
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Effect of Globalization
  • Leadership in the time rapid change
  • National Development and Socio-Economic Transformation
  • Implementing Strategic Plans and Change Management
  • Cooperation, Collaboration and Coordination for relationship building across modern corporations

Registration and Participation

To register and participate in this value-adding programme, please click register online. For additional information, please call us on +234 816 433 9275,+234 903 233 9213, +44 742 595 3476 or send an email to

Early bird discount of 10% applies two months ahead of the programme and 10% discount on corporate registration of four participants.

Date: 9th - 12th October, 2017

Location: Hilton Waldof  Astoria, Jumeria Beach ,Dubai.

Who should attend?

Chief Executive Officers, Directors of Private, Public and Voluntary Organizations, Management Executives, Human Resources Directors and Specialists, Department Heads of Private, Public and Voluntary Organizations, Sectional Top Management, Leaders/Managers and Executives in the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors.

Visa Requirement

Interested participants must possess valid Dubai Visa to enroll for the programme. If you require support letter to process your visa application after registration and payment, please contact us.

Other Benefits

  • Opportunity to meet with the Alumni of Alliance MBS in Dubai
  • Platform for Strategic Partnerships, Alliances Joint Ventures and Consortium with the Alliance MBS Alumni global network 


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  • Institute of Directors (IOD)
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