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Manchester Business School Executive Management Development Programme

In today's rapidly changing competitive environment, executives must be adept at moving quickly out of their comfort zone to building new capabilities as leaders. Manchester Business School Executive Management Development Program (EMDP) prepares fast-track executives for moving from mastery of one area to a broader role. Participants not only expand business acumen in key areas, but also engage in competitive strategy simulations that produce the connection between management decisions and business results. A leadership workshop which reveals how each participant's style impacts group culture and process is included in this programme.

During these five (5) intensive and transformative days, each participant would broaden their core business knowledge in areas such as strategy, marketing, finance, and negotiations as benefit from the expertise of global participants from a wide variety of industries, functional areas, cultures, and geographical regions. The knowledge gained in group discussions led by Manchester Business School Executive Education Faculty, strategy simulations, leadership workshops, and executive mentoring will have immediate relevance and impact on the job.

Benefits of Executive Development Management Program

The benefits of attending this program cannot be over emphasised, some of these are:

Participant Benefits

Each participant will return to work having learned new tools, ideas and frameworks that will enable them:

  • Develop a better understanding of corporate strategy and understand how key areas of responsibility fit into the overall strategy of an organization
  • Capitalize on the best market opportunities and develop plans to implement market strategies
  • Gain a better understanding of organizational processes, particularly those that create and enhance corporate value
  • Manage teams effectively and align management practices to increase organizational effectiveness
  • Become an operating manager capable of communicating effectively in a team environment
  • Develop frameworks for problem-solving that allow you to make cross-enterprise decisions more quickly and with greater confidence
  • Test and apply the knowledge you gain to real business cases
  • Exchange insights with other managers from a variety of industries and backgrounds who deal with similar business issues
  • Broaden your network by establishing enduring contacts and develop value-adding friendships.

Company Benefits

This program enables returning managers to confidently apply what they've learned at Manchester Business School with immediate and enduring benefits to the company and:

  • Stimulate, re-energize and retain the organization's most valuable resource - its highpotential managers
  • Instill a cross-enterprise perspective in the management team
  • Establish more strategic decision-making practices within the organization
  • Groom the most promising leaders to take on leadership roles of greater capacity, thus facilitating succession planning

Key Learning Objectives

The contribution of managers at all levels in an organisation is vital to business performance. The aims of the programme are to help managers gain a deeper understanding of business processes and to grasp the skills required to fulfill their potential in their organisation. With enhanced personal skills and new business approaches, they also contribute more effectively to team development elsewhere in the organisation.

In order to achieve this rationale, here are the key learning objectives of the course:

  • A deeper understanding of the importance of global financial trends and innovation for all managers
  • A practical understanding of strategy, finance and marketing
  • A greater awareness of management styles and effective behaviours
  • The ability to apply the techniques of creative leadership.

Course Methodology

Following the ‘Manchester Method’ the primary learning methodologies for this programme will be based on formal classroom teaching and interactive teaching with group case studies, presentations and team building exercises. It will also include the use of simulated international business activities, video/DVD material and class discussions. The participants will also be assessed individually.

Course Structure

Five classroom sessions of 5 hours each (5 days)

Course Focus

The focus of each topic will centre around a dual requirement:

  • Generic learning objectives for:
    • Organisations and People, Strategy, Leadership, Finance for Value, Technology and Innovation
  • Application of tools and frameworks pertaining to the body of knowledge and skills of the oil/gas and energy industry specific
    • Particular emphasis will be borne on the value net of the oil industry throughout the value chain 

Course Learning Content

This designed residential programme in Manchester shall be delivered with the following topics:

  • Organisational Management
  • Formulating and implementing strategies
  • Global economic trends
  • Managing innovation for competitive success
  • Finance for management
  • Commercial Negotiations


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25th - 29th June, 2017




Target Audience

CEOs, Directors of Private and Public Organizations, Management Executives, HR Directors and Specialists, Department Heads of Private and Public Organizations, Leaders/Managers etc.

VISA Requirement

Partcipants must possess valid UK Visa in order to enroll for this programme.


  • Become an Alumni of Manchester Business School
  • 1 year Free access to Manchester Business School’s Online Library
  • Business networking opportunities
  • Pick up from Manchester Picadilly Train Station
  • Special Arrival and Business Dinner
  • Courtesy Visit to the Nigeria High Commisioner’s Office
  • Attend UKTI Business Forum
  • Certificate of Achievment
  • Workshops, Tour
  • Hotel Accomodation
  • Tea Break, Lunch and Supper

IOD Extras (optional)

  • IoD International Trade Forum @ O2, London.
  • Networking Opportunities @ the IoD Lounge, 19th Floor, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, M1 4BT (Please note that the lounge would be open only to IoD members with proof of membership).

Cost and Payment Details

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