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Lonadek, an authorized AVEVA partner, is pleased to invite participation in the AVEVA Plant Engineering Solutions (PDMS) Training Course designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

With ever increasing global demand for products from process and power plants, AVEVA PDMS™ enables companies to design, construct and maintain high quality plants quickly and efficiently. Using PDMS, the logical model of a plant can be quickly and efficiently modeled into a full 3D design layout, where suitability and fit can all be tested in a virtual world, and the list of materials needed to construct the plant generated automatically.

PDMS enables teams of designers from a range of different disciplines to work concurrently to develop a complete digital model of a process or power plant. Each discipline works within its own specialist 3D environment, but is still able to view all of the design work taking place around them.

With AVEVA PDMS™, project teams enjoy:

  • Reduced site rework (right-first-time)
  • Global collaboration
  • Maximize project quality
  • Consistency in drawing production and reports
  • Enhanced clash detection and checking

Course Schedule

Title: AVEVA PDMS (Equipment & Pipework)

Course Code: APT-01

Overview: This course is designed for equip participants in using the various tools and components in designing and modeling equipment’s in 3D view.

Course Outline

  • Overview of PDMS
  • Equipment workspace review
  • Equipment Hierarchy overview
  • Equipment Module & Tabs
  • Primitives
  • P-Points
  • Negative Primitives
  • Equipment Modeling Options
  • Model Editor for Equipment
  • Creating Nozzles
  • Obstruction Volumes
  • Create Equipment using Templates
  • Overview of PDMS
  • Piping workspace & Hierarchy overview
  • Overview of Piping Specifications
  • Piping Settings
  • Pipe creation form
  • Model Editor & Settings
  • Head & Tail attributes
  • Isometrics
  • Changing Specifications
  • Forwards & Backwards mode
  • Piping Assemblies
  • Positioning functions
  • Splitting & Merging Pipes
  • Rotating Tool
  • Data Consistency

 October 16th -20th, 2017
Duration:12 Days  |Venue:The Cedar Centre ,Lagos| Course Fee: -




Title: AVEVA PDMS (Structural / Steelworks)

Course Code: APT-02

Overview: This course is designed for equip participants in using the various tools and components to execute design and modeling of pipework’s & layouts in 3D view.

Course Outline

  • Overview of PDMS
  • Structural workspace & Hierarchy overview
  • Overview of Structural Specifications
  • Structural Module & Tabs
  • Creating Structural Administrative Elements
  • Merging  & Filleting Sections
  • Setting Storage Areas
  • Mitring Structural Elements
  • Setting Pline Rules
  • Fittings & Joints
  • Section nodes & Panels
  • Straight & Curved Sections
  • Negative Extrusions & Panel Fittings
  • Modifying Structural Sections
  • Bracing configurations
  • Splitting & Connecting Split Sections

 October 16th -20th, 2017
Duration:12 Days  |Venue:The Cedar Centre ,Lagos| Course Fee: - 



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