Pipe Stress Analysis

Training Course Announcement

Pipe Stress Analysis

Piping Design and Pipe Stress Analysis using AutoPIPE and Caesar II (Bentley Certified)

Pipe Design and Pipe Stress using Bentley AutoPIPE and Caesar II would expose the knowledge of the intuitive modeling and advanced analysis interface of Bentley AutoPIPE and Caesar II to achieve efficient workflows, save time and reduce errors in design. Participants would learn hands-on by solving simple to complex problems on Pipe Stress Analysis using AutoPIPE , Caesar II and other pipe stress analysis tools.

Course Outline

  • Auto PIPE and Caesar II Fundamentals
  • Pipe Stress Code Requirements and Pipe Stress Design Approach
  • Modeling a Complete Piping System and its Loading Scenarios (temperature/pressure, equipment imposed displacements, wind, earthquake, etc.)
  • Code Compliance and Pipe Loads on Supports and Equipment
  • Plastic Pipes and Buried Pipes (soil definition)
  • Fundamentals of Dynamic Analysis and Scope of Work.
  • Modal analysis, spectrum, harmonic and seismic analysis
  • Time domain analysis (Time History Analysis): Water hammer, slug flow, safety valve discharge

Learning Outcomes:

Participants attending the training should expect to leave the course with an advanced working knowledge of Pipe Stress using Bentley AutoPipe and Caesar II:

  • Significantly reduce the cost and time to produce compliant piping and vessel designs for any plant environment, including nuclear.
  • Save time and reduce errors by importing piping models from common plant design applications to perform advanced pipe stress analysis
  • Deliver faster, safer, more cost effective vessel designs with automatic workflows that include complete global codes and applied loadings.
  • Provide confidence in the safety of your engineering designs with static and load sequencing nonlinear analysis.
  • Perform analyses to examine different loading scenarios including thermal, seismic, wind and dynamic load cases
  • Instantly view stresses, deflections, forces, and moments
  • Increase plant model accuracy by determining pipe stress displacements due to loading cases such as temperature, seismic, or other extreme loading conditions. Analyze any loading condition applied to piping and structures then use Navigator or OpenPlant Modeler to evaluate and resolve clashes.
  • Reuse design data by creating a structural model in STAAD.Pro and import it into AutoPIPE for a more realistic, fully integrated, bi-directional piping and structural analysis. You can also import the final piping model, complete with pipe support loads, into the Bentley STAAD model.​

Facilitator’s Profile

Join our Bentley Institute certified training expert, with 30 years plus field experience, to learn hands-on by solving problems as a group to illustrate pipe stress analysis using AutoPIPE, Caesar II and other analysis tools. The open discussion-based format will allow attendees to maximize retention of c course material and theoretical concepts

Date: July 2nd-6th. 2018
Duration: 5 days
Venue: The Cedar Centre, Lagos


At the end of the course and upon completion of practical modeling, mock project designs, and cumulative assessments, participants will receive Certificate of Participation in Pipe Stress Analysis training and Certificate of Proficiency from Bentley.