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5 OEM software that is changing the Oil and Gas industry


For starters, in case you are wondering, OEM simply means Original Equipment Manufacturer and with the complexities in the oil and gas industry, there are still some OEMs making a huge difference in this space.
As technology keeps enhancing, Oil and Gas companies need engineering software to develop and deplete mineral deposits. Oil and Gas engineering software are used after exploration before production begins in order to best plan how to recover hydrocarbons at optimal cost and to aid highest level of safety. These software can enhance the processes involved with drilling, production, reservoir extraction processes, ETC.
Oil and Gas engineering software delivers a mix of features that can also be found in geology, production, construction or exploration software. It is therefore important for this type of software to exchange information with all these solutions and bring about a holistic solution in the entire Oil and Gas process.

The Oil and Gas OEM Software Market
Some software vendors are focused on providing software to streamline and automate processes in one of the three sub-vertical markets. However, large enterprise vendors provide software that help manage the entire supply chain from exploration to distribution.

So, below are top 5 Oil and Gas OEM software making waves in the industry.


etap software
1.  ETAP Software – This is for model-driven Design, real-time Operation, and intelligent automation of the electrical network needed in the Oil & Gas industry. It is indeed a comprehensive one-stop solution. ETAP enables intelligent situational awareness in all stages of an industrial facility’s life cycle – from original concept through specification, design, modeling, analysis, integration, commission and in-service support.


bentley software

2. Bentley Systems – They provide data storage and reporting solution that is customized to meet your needs, from entering borehole log data manually or importing from electronic field data, and more, allowing you to store subsurface data. Bentley also just launched their ProjectWise 365 to enable work from home management of Infrastructure during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. This is indeed revolutionary. See details HERE.


AVEVA software


3. AVEVA Engineering Software – AVEVA softwares enables engineers and oil & gas workers to quickly execute new and legacy instrumentation engineering projects and share data while maintaining control through an out-of- the-box product. It can be deployed Stand-alone or fully integrated. When used as part of an integrated AVEVA software deployment, it adds instrumentation data into the complete project information model, exposing it to the full range of AVEVA’s design, engineering, collaboration and life cycle management technologies. See more about this HERE.


The Inspectivity Platform

4. The Inspectivity Platform – This is an advanced mobile and cloud solution for engineering inspection and asset management. The software brings together technical know-how and unique industry workflows to make it easier to connect teams, manage workflows, and keep track of assets. This value translates to new asset intelligence embedded and shared in your inspection platform such as automated compliance, asset visibility and powerful analytics.


Autodesk Software

5. Autodesk Software – Autodesk is a multinational software corporation that makes software services for oil and gas, architecture, engineering, construction, etc. It can be used to design process plants in 3D models as well as 2D piping and instrumentation schematics. This OEM solution is designed to help the typically small teams which work on operation, maintenance and expansion of oil and gas plant facilities. See more HERE.

Lonadek is glad to let you know that we are partners with 3 of the above leading OEMs and we are passionate about leading the Technical Transformation in the Oil and Gas sector across Nigeria and Africa at large. If you are thinking of implementing any Oil and Gas Engineering software that will enable you work virtually and speed up your production-distribution process, send us a mail and we will take it up from there – Business@Lonadek.com

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