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The year 2019 is more about the evolution of the existing technologies than about innovation. For years now we have been talking about all what is going to happen in 2020. Now, less than a year away, we can say that the future is here to stay. 

Digital adoption is a massive opportunity for companies that leverage the right technologies. Within ten years, full-scale digitization will lead to huge annual global cost savings 

Here are some new trends which can help in shaping the future of engineering: 

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI): AI enables producers to make sense of the overwhelming data that their factories, operations and consumers generate, and to transform that data into meaningful decisions. Today, 70 per cent of captured production data goes unused. 

Applying AI to the connectivity of Internet of Things (IoT), producers are able to orchestrate and streamline business processes from desktops to machines, across department walls and tiers of suppliers. The most promising immediate opportunities for applying AI in production systems are in quality management, predictive maintenance and supply chain optimization. 

AI-enabled products will be a game-changer for value propositions addressed to customers, and producers must be ready to orchestrate the value networks required to deliver these. 


  1. Continued industry digitization: The Engineering & Construction industry is already adopting many of the digital technologies including, drones, mobile devices, digital sensors,  3D scanning and printing and advanced building.As the construction industry shifts towards adopting cloud-based platforms, businesses must quickly develop strong partnerships to prepare for a rapidly growing collaborative network.
  1. Cloud computing: The majority of companies have or will be using some aspect of Cloud computing. The future of Cloud computing will straddle both private and public clouds, adding new challenges to the role of IT.
  1. Big data:  Although Big Data (data sets that are so big and complex that traditional data-processing application softwareareinadequate to deal with them) has a lot of buzz around it, we believe that in many ways it is still a relatively new and unexplored concept.However, its potential for human analysis is already obvious.
  1. Architecture robots and 3D printers: The way we make things has changed but will change more drastically still Robotics is coming to the construction industry 
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