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5 Ways PMP Certification can get you closer to your Dream Job

Project Management is a training program specifically designed to provide individuals with the proven, practical body of project management knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate project management mastery on the job. 


This course can be a significant part of your preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam. The skills and knowledge you gain in this course will help you avoid making costly mistakes and increase your competitive edge in the project management profession. 


Organizations, however, are facing talent shortages that leave them at significant risk. As such, career opportunities are abundant for project management professionals who possess the right skills these organizations need. Research shows that demand is highest for practitioners with the necessary mix of competencies – a combination of technical and leadership skills plus business acumen.


Are you ready to meet the demand? Read on to know the ‘5 Ways Project Management Certification can get you closer to your Dream Job’


Skill acqisition


1.   Helps you Learn Other Important Skills

Project management training is vital to ensure that you have the right skills and knowledge when it comes to managing a project and can help you have a better sense of your time and resources.


You will gain knowledge on the importance of time and setting of goals and objectives. You will be able to prioritize these goals as well as be able to make great use of your time whilst giving you an apt understanding of the needs of a company, this could be in form of time, money or manpower. 


The training will help you determine how to estimate the resources that you will need in future projects and set realistic budgets.




2.   Open to Much More Global Opportunities (Industry Recognition)

A Project Management certification is globally recognized and works in line with any organization in any location i.e. a certified Project Manager can be employed in any organization at any location, given that he or she is certified in the field as a professional. 


Research has it that as the number of certified Project Management Professionals increases in a firm, the success rate of her projects also increases. 


new career


3.   A project Manager can take up Projects in Different Fields

The demand for project managers is on a daily increase and project managers are needed in approximately every industry. The role of a project manager cannot be overemphasized in the IT industry as well as the non-IT industries such as accounts and finance, oil and gas, mechanical, business and consultancy services.


Project management is a field where one can constantly build on his capabilities as he interacts with other team, stakeholders to work on different projects whilst delivering his ideas and thoughts and effectively gathering other knowledge or experiences in the field.



growth chart


4.   Growing Demand for Project Managers

The demand for Project Managers is growing faster than the demand for employees in other occupations. Organizations are on the lookout for effective and efficient projects mangers that will bring a seamless flow and ease the handling of critical projects.


No matter what the category of a business may be, high-quality project management is essential for its life span, hence the need for certified project managers.



curriculum vitae


5. Adds Value to your Resume

There are several professional certifications that you can pursue throughout your career, and among all of those, Project Management certification is one of the tops


Project Management Professionals (PMPs) who want to advance within their company or seek new job opportunities will stand out amongst the competition with expertise in this course. Many companies are making it mandatory to have a Project Management certification which is, therefore, an added value to your resume.



Considering scaling up on your project management skills? Want to acquire new knowledge in the field? Or looking at starting a career in line with project management? Then this course is for you.


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Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to apply the generally recognized practices of project management acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to successfully manage projects. 


They will be able to:

 · Get started with project management fundamentals

· Identify organizational influences and project life cycle

· Work with project management processes.

· Initiate a project

· Plan a project

· Plan for project time management

· Plan project budget, quality, and communications

· Plan for risk, procurements, and stakeholder management

· Execute a project

· Manage project work, scope, schedules, and cost.

· Control a project

· Close a project 


Acquiring a Project Management certification your next step to that dream job… Get certified now!


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