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4 Benefits of Virtual Reality Training in the Oil and Gas Industry

4 Benefits of Virtual Reality Training in the Oil and Gas Industry. 

  There is no training like practical training! – This is something that both teachers and students know very well and especially in the energy/oil and gas sector, proper professional trainings cannot be ignored. As technology keeps advancing and the oil and gas industry continuously receives new methods and equipment for operation, it is imperative to offer Practical Trainings for effective results. ...
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OEM software oil & gas company

5 OEM software that is changing the Oil and Gas industry

  For starters, in case you are wondering, OEM simply means Original Equipment Manufacturer and with the complexities in the oil and gas industry, there are still some OEMs making a huge difference in this space. As technology keeps enhancing, Oil and Gas companies need engineering software to develop and deplete mineral deposits. Oil and...
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