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Highly Successful Nigerian Professionals Give Tips On What is Responsible For Their Career Success


Professional success can sometimes seem like a daunting task with so many hoops to jump, checklists to check and 5-10 step plan to follow and you may give up about being like them because you see their lives like they are “workaholics” and you don’t want to be anything like that. How about we tell you that it is nothing like you think? And we also go ahead to give you the tips that have made their career successful? That is what this post is about.


We have curated a list of concise one-liner (or sentence) advice from successful Nigerian professionals who have “skin in the game”. They can be quoted saying this was the one thing largely responsible for their career and business success and we are certain that these Tips highlighted below will definitely help you as you aim to grow in your career.


Rabi Adetoro (Senior Talent & Career Manager MTN Nigeria)
Rabi Adetoro Senior Talent & Career Manager MTN Nigeria

Have a great attitude. With a great attitude you will be humble enough to learn, unlearn and relearn your way to the top. It is true that best organizations hire for attitude and train for skills. Don’t underestimate your attitude.




Jessica Akano (Country Talent Acquisition Manager Andela)
Jessica Akano Country Talent Acquisition Manager Andela


The greatest factor for success in the pursuit of one’s career is a ‘sense of direction and continuous self and professional development’. This simply means if you want to be an Accountant, be an Accountant. If you want to be an HR professional, be an HR Professional. Continuous self and professional development is key if you want to stay relevant and grow in your career.




Dr Ibilola Amao (Principal Consultant Lonadek Nigeria Limited)
Dr Ibilola Amao Principal Consultant Lonadek Nigeria Limited


The average Nigerian after 15 years in the industry wants to exit and set up his/her own company. You also have an expatriate who does the same thing for 35 years because he/she has a passion for the discipline. You cannot compare somebody with 15 years’ experience with someone who has 35 years’ experience on-the-job. So stay passionate and grow on the job. Success is not defined by you owning your own company or not.

Did you notice a common “theme” in this advice; Constant and Consistent learning in your given field, is the sure path to record success in your field. Can you take an inventory of your learning plan in the last 12 months? Have you been consistent with personal training and improvement? You can start now


Whatever field you may currently be a part of, Talk to us today and we can recommend a learning path to take you further in your career. Alternatively, you can view all our training programs here – Training in Nigeria

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