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Lead Document Control and Management Training

Lead Document Control and Management Training


This programme is certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) UK    

Day 1:

Basics of Good Documentation and Control

  • Introduction to Document Control and Management
  • Elements of a Document Management System
  • Document Life Cycle Management

The Lead Document Controller

  • Roles and Functions
  • Planning and Organizing Document Control Tasks
  • Methodology for Planning and Organizing Task
  • Planning and Task Allocation
  • Task Tracking Progress Monitoring

Stakeholder Management, Gate Keeping and Communication

  • Stakeholders Management (Meetings, Interface with Contractors and Subcontractors, Internal Interfaces, Project Team, Technical Team)
  • Gate Keeping
  • Communication


Day 2:

Implementation of Document Control Systems and Rules

  • Document Control System
  • Definition, Concepts, Business Case
  • Consideration and Functional Requirements
  • Implementation Plan
  • Document Management Technologies
  • Implementation of Document Control Rules
  • Documenting the Document Control System
  • Flowcharts
  • Document Control Procedures and Guideline
  • Policies
  • Document Template


Day 3:

Management of Document Control Team

  • Why Document Control
  • The Business Cost of Paper
  • Document Management
  • Synonyms
  • Document Management of ICT Environment
  • Components of Document Management
  • Scanning and Indexing Work Flow
  • Management of Change
  • Groups and Teams
  • Company Work Teams and Work Groups
  • The Popularity of Teams
  • Types of Work Team
  • Team Member Roles
  • How to build a Productive Team
  • Characteristics of High-Performing Work Teams
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Ingredients for a Successful Team
  • Purpose of Charter
  • Components of Team Charter
  • Team Charter Validation
  • Why Team Fail: The Leadership, Focus and Capability Pyramid
  • The challenge of Team Leadership
  • Leading Productive Team
  • Team Leader Roles
  • Team Leader Behaviors
  • How to Improve team Performance


Duration:   3 Days


Date:    May 13th – 15th, 2019


Venue:   Cedar Centre, Lagos N0 12 Jibowu Street Jibowu Yaba Lagos.

To register for this training kindly call 08139112519 or send an email to training@lonadek.com

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