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Lead Document Control and Management Training

This Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) certified program is designed to empower participants to setup and maintain a state-of-the-art Document Control Centre (DCC), operate modern document storage, retrieval and archiving systems, establish an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) with company specific procedure, effectively control and manage company documents and records

Course Outline

Day 1:
Basics of Good Documentation and Control
 Introduction to Document Control and Management
 Elements of a Document Management System
 Document Life Cycle Management The Lead Document Controller
 Roles and Functions
 Planning and Organizing Document Control Tasks
 Methodology for Planning and Organizing Task
 Planning and Task Allocation
 Task Tracking Progress Monitoring Stakeholder Management, Gate Keeping and Communication
 Stakeholders Management (Meetings, Interface with Contractors and Subcontractors, Internal Interfaces, Project Team,
Technical Team)
 Gate Keeping
 Communication

Day 2:
Implementation of Document Control Systems and Rules
 Document Control System
 Definition, Concepts, Business Case
 Consideration and Functional Requirements
 Implementation Plan
 Document Management Technologies
 Implementation of Document Control Rules
 Documenting the Document Control System
 Flowcharts
 Document Control Procedures and Guideline
 Policies
 Document Template

Day 3:
Management of Document Control Team
 Why Document Control
 The Business Cost of Paper
 Document Management
 Synonyms
 Document Management of ICT Environment
 Components of Document Management
 Scanning and Indexing Work Flow
 Management of Change
 Groups and Teams
 Company Work Teams and Work Groups
 The Popularity of Teams
 Types of Work Team
 Team Member Roles
 How to build a Productive Team
 Characteristics of High-Performing Work Teams
 Stages of Team Development
 Ingredients for a Successful Team
 Purpose of Charter
 Components of Team Charter
 Team Charter Validation
 Why Team Fail: The Leadership, Focus and Capability Pyramid
 The challenge of Team Leadership
 Leading Productive Team
 Team Leader Roles
 Team Leader Behaviors
 How to Improve team Performance

Course Fee: To register the next class, kindly call 08139112519 or send an email to training@lonadek.com

Venue: Cedar Centre, Lagos- 12 Jibowu Street, Yaba, Lagos.
Date: 29th – 31st July
Duration: 3 Days

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