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Human Capacity Development Initiative (HCDI)
(Chevron Nigeria Limited) – 2016, 2017)

At Lonadek we are of the view that maximizing local content is not only politically sensible but it makes good business sense as lower composite rates can be realized by increasing local labour and material resources especially where these items are readily available and the prices are commercially attractive.

Our objectives for local content development include:

– Increasing value-added content, thereby contributing to national economic development as well as that of our stakeholders, partners, clients, companies, employees and contractors.
– Transfer technology and develop local know-how.

We are able to work with and assist foreign companies that hope to operate in the local Oil & Gas industry increase their local content to meet new government target via a number of suitable arrangements including joint ventures, partnerships, sub-contracting or other mutually suitable vehicles.

We enhance local content via the following mechanisms:

– Project specific local content plan
– Employing competent and qualified local contractors to provide technical and non-technical services and support (when required).
– Investing in the development training of locals to participate in higher-level activities than hitherto.
– Investing in office, logistics, accommodation, computing systems and other business support infrastructure, goods, and services, all of which are purchased locally to augment other equipment procured internationally.
– Setting up the local infrastructure in co-operation with our offshore partners to meet the requirement of the NCD directives.

If you are seeking an entrance into the Nigerian or any local Oil & gas industry and need to increase your local content or as a first timer wishing to explore the very challenging but profitable Nigerian business environment and succeed, then you should talk to us. At Lonadek we understand Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea oil and gas industry like no one else.

Our focus is on helping to increase the capacity of locals and indigenous companies in a range of oil and gas industry activities, from design and engineering, to exploration and drilling. This supports the national Government’s drive to increase local participation in the oil and gas industry. Local Content also makes business sense for companies operating out of their home office. By developing a skilled local workforce, we can lower operating costs over the long term while contributing to a more prosperous nation, which is good for the country and good for business.

Our corporate strategy is to systematically accelerate the transfer of technology, engineering experience, and specialized know-how from our foreign technical partners to Indigenous Nationals. In projects where we need specialized knowledge or know-how from foreign technical partners or expatriates; Lonadek builds training into the project execution plan and ensures that Indigenous Staff are trained during the execution of the project. Our experience and interests covers past activities in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and the United Kingdom.

Our Local Content Development policies include:

– Implementing local content policy as approved by the Nigerian Government.
– Empowering the Indigenous Oil and Gas sector by the provision of cost effective and leading edge engineering services by an indigenous company.
– Technical Partnership with global organizations to execute projects and transfer knowledge through Structured Training Programme involving classroom and hands-on-job training
– Investing massively in the development of indigenous engineering personnel
– Develop and transfer technology know-how and experience to nationals from expatriates in-country or overseas
– Domiciliation of the execution of all services
– Utilization of local materials and human resources for Project Services

EER Project (Shell (SPDC) 2010/2011), Capacity, Capability and Competency Skills Gap Survey (Petroleum Technology Development Fund – PTDF, 2004-2005,2010-2011), Vendors Prequalification Audit Report (Addax Petroleum Development Company, 2011)

Today, organizations frequently elect to have certain services be provided by service vendors, also referred to as service providers or partners. In such situations, the need for well-defined, coordinated working relationships increases. Setting clear roles, establishing responsibilities, putting change processes in place, and defining measures of success are all necessary best practices if the organization and service vendors are to work together successfully to deliver agreed-upon results.

Building and maintaining the working relationship between the service vendor and the organization is an important aspect of service relationship management, which is defined as the ongoing process that ensures that service providers and the organizations employing them remain in sync.

Our vendor development service involves helping or building up the vendor by various means such as:

– Lending technical help by making engineers and technicians available to the vendor to help them tide over the initial technical problems.
– Help in R&D, by again lending technical help to not only to establish the company, but also to help improve its products and services on a continuous basis.
– Guaranteeing our clients a certain amount of business yearly.

We have vast experience in creating technical documentation, and has sailed through many challenges. We have a first-hand experience of sorting out many technological and management issues.

We are a service provider of Consultancy and Technical Reporting for future development work of a Project. This service includes project reports, viability reports etc.

We have done various studies like Viability Study Report, Depreciation Study Report and Techno-economical Study Report etc.

While developing technical reports we consider different parameters such as Construction Policies, Government Policies and Support, Financial Structure, Infrastructure Management, Time Management, Manpower Management and all other related parametric quantities.

Use our experience in setting up and managing your work. We can help you establish processes, manage projects, and manage people.

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