4 Benefits of Virtual Reality Training in the Oil and Gas Industry.

There is no training like practical training! – This is something that both teachers and students know very well and especially in the energy/oil and gas sector, proper professional training cannot be ignored. As technology keeps advancing and the oil and gas industry continuously receives new methods and equipment for operation, it is imperative to offer Practical Training for effective results. 

Now, organizing proper training for employees of an oil rig for example can be very challenging as it requires resolving quite a number of problems and challenges.  

Some of the challenges associated with organizing practical training in the oil and gas sector are; 

  •  High costs of Delivering Trainings – Oil and Gas fields are often located in places that are difficult to reach – in deserts or open sea. To get there, companies use helicopters or motorboats.
  • Heavy-duty equipment complexity – Another challenge is that oil and gas companies operate very complex machinery that is specific for this industry. It will take a lot of Practical Training to ensure expertise in equipment operation and maintenance.
  • High risk– Oil and gas operations are extremely risky and hazardous. Unfortunately, even experienced personnel can get injured on an oil field, thus, offering training becomes a very risky business. On the other hand, inexperienced workers can damage expensive equipment due to their lack of skills.

The problems listed above and much more have caused companies working in the oil and gas industry to turn to alternative training methods. This is where the help of virtual reality comes in. 

With Virtual Reality as a means of Training, companies can hold practical training sessions on any premises without actually ferrying the trainees or trainers to the rig and exposing them to the risk.  

Here are 4 main benefits of deploying Virtual Reality as a means of Training in the Oil and Gas Industry.  

By including virtual reality in training programs, companies can achieve multiple benefits alongside resolving the major problems related to physical practical training in the oil and gas sector.  

  • Safety – This is one of the significant benefits of training in virtual reality. A professionally built virtual reality training application can recreate the actual oil rig environment except for one thing – the hazards associated with the job. 

In virtual reality, the trainees can master their skills without being exposed to any risks both to themselves and to the equipment.  

  • Faster Learning – This benefit does not only relate to the oil and gas sector only, as the effectiveness of immersive virtual reality training is a proven fact for many other industries too.
  • On-demand and Custom Training – Oil and gas companies using virtual reality training have much better possibilities at organizing on-demand or customized training for employees who need to re-learn or take on new certifications/training.
  • Better Assessment – The assessment opportunities in virtual reality are much wider. For all its “realistic” scenarios, virtual reality is still software that can yield all sorts of analytical data that can be used to assess the trainee’s performance and help management decisions. 

On the basis of the data collected by the virtual reality training app, the instructors can decide whether the trainee can be certified already or needs some additional practice. 

In conclusion, as the covid-19 pandemic continues and the increased need for working virtually, companies are now looking for an improved way of how to work from home 

The Oil and Gas sector is not left behind as most firms are looking out for ways to training their staff. Virtual Reality will be one of the best options for the Oil and Gas sector and as Lonadek is passionate about Innovative Solutions, we are looking for improved ways to engage Virtual Reality solutions with our Partners. Should you be interested in any of our customized training, send a mail to – Training@Lonadek.com and we will take it up from there. 

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