Global Institute of IT Management and Lonadek Holds Virtual Signing Ceremony

Global Institute of IT Management and Lonadek Holds Virtual Signing Ceremony to Establish Partnership With The Aim of Enhancing the Technology skills of both IT and Non-IT Experts.

July 28th, 2020 – Lonadek Global Services, an Engineering Technology and Innovation Solutions Company signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with the Global Institute of IT Management (GIIM), to deliver world-class training on IT Management and Digital skills training to both IT and Non-IT experts, to empower them on emerging technologies and increase their capacities to use Information Technology to drive business decisions.

Both Lonadek and GIIM have an established trend and passion for human capital development and with Lonadek’s almost 30 years of experience, partnering with the New York Based Institute – GIIM is a profound integrated decision for raising IT talents across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Dr. Jerry Luftman of GIIM and Dr. Ibilola Amao of Lonadek both agreed on the fact that indeed, with the transformational influence that information technology is having across every industry and business around the globe especially as we approach the post-COVID era, there is no better time for both IT and Non-IT experts to enhance their IT skills than now.

Understanding how Information Technology and Digital Transformation can drive business decisions is imperative for anyone who desires to be relevant in the ‘work of the future’, hence GIIM and Lonadek will be offering both on-site and blended course to individuals and corporations ranging from Students to Executives and CEOs to help position these individuals and businesses to thrive in a Technology-driven world.

The courses offered are very practical and hands-on, with blended learning on real-time case studies will be studied, and regional business economies will drive each study. Projects will be executed and facilitators are global industry experts. This is nothing like the Free Courses out there and we are so excited about this partnership.

Upon completion of the Course and passing all assignments/tasks, participants will be awarded a Globally recognized Certification by both the Global Institute of IT Management (GIIM) and Lonadek Global Services.

The MoA document was signed by Dr. Jerry Luftman – Founder and CEO of the Global Institute of IT Management (GIIM) and Dr. Ibilola Amao – Principal Consultant of Lonadek Global Services.

For more inquiries on how to participate and benefit from this initiative, do send us a mail at – or call +2348164339275

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