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Lonadek Global Services and The Cedar STEM & Entrepreneurship Hub (CSEH) Partners with Microsoft, Linkedin, and GitHub.

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital upskilling and the adoption of technology in our daily engagements. Furthermore, the future of work is fast becoming a reality that needs to be addressed. With virtual, remote and off-site activities becoming entrenched in organizations, activities, and projects, digital literacy has become a priority.

Individuals who do not learn how to use and create with technology as well as follow the evolving trends of the digital era will quite easily fall further behind innovation and economic relevance. It is expedient that exposure to technology and digital literacy is promoted to foster a safe economic recovery. Acquiring digital competency and skills is an enabler to access global opportunities and jobs in the future.

To help address these needs, Lonadek Global Services collaborates with its empowerment hub – The Cedar STEM & Entrepreneurship Hub (CSEH) in a partnership with Microsoft and its subsidiaries, LinkedIn and GitHub to launch a Free Digital Skills Training Programme to empower Africans with the right digital skills to help access global remote opportunities and jobs of the future.

Lonadek and CSEH work to empower and engage STEM and TECH talents with the main focus on SDG 4,5, 7,8, 9, 11, and 13, has over the years cumulatively impacted over ninety- eight thousand (98,000) STEM talents, five thousand (5000) Engineers, and 1000 plus talents, both as stand-alone entities and through its CSR arm Vision 2020 Youth Empowerment and restoration initiative.

Being an organization that is passionate about Human Capital Development Initiatives (HCDI), partnering with Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub to launch a Digital Skills Empowerment Programme where participants are trained and upon completion of their courses, get FREE International Certification for Jobs of the Future is a great deal. – See Courses:

This initiative was launched with a webinar where experts thriving in the top fastest-growing IT jobs in the world gave valuable insights into Jobs of the future.

The special guests and speakers at the webinar were:

  • Mr. Yemi Orimolade – Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Microsoft MEA Philanthropies
  • Dr. Ibilola Amao (UK) – Principal Consultant, Lonadek Global Services
  • Mr. Harold Sinnott (USA) – Digital Transformation & AI, Expert
  • Naomi Ekpoki – Global Leader at United Nations & African Union. Youth Leadership and STEM Advocate
  • Mr. Dez Blanchfield (Sydney Australia) – Founder/CEO & Chief Data Scientist, Sociaall Inc
  • Samuel Jackson (NG) – Vision 2020 Project Officer: Moderator

These 10 jobs were identified as having the greatest number of job openings, have had steady growth over the past four years, pay a livable wage, and require skills that can be learned online. With the Lonadek, CSEH, and Microsoft partnership, you have access to learn these skills and start any of these Jobs of the Future.

So, are you a Youth? A professional looking to change careers to the Tech Industry? A Leader who requires Digital skills? An Executive? Project Manager? STEMpreneur or TECHpreneur? Etc., this initiative that drives Global Digital Skill Capacity will help you thrive in pressing times like this.

Lonadek and CSEH is also open to Partnering with the below groups as we work to massively impact Talents across Nigeria and Africa, especially Women;

  • Private Senior Secondary Schools
  • Public Senior Secondary Schools
  • Private Universities
  • Public Universities
  • Associations
  • Institutions
  • Societies
  • Organizations
  • State Government.

Feel free to send an email to for more inquiries about Partnering and Collaborating with us.

We encourage everyone to access these 10 Free courses and Get an International Certification upon completion. Start Now!


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