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Course Overview:

The Bentley STAAD.Pro® V8i training is the recommended for Professional Development pathway for Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Projects Engineers. STAAD.Pro® V8i, developed by Bentley Systems, is the widely used software and is considered as a boon for the civil engineers by helping them create and analyze outlines of various structures. STAAD.Pro V8i, the most refreshed variant with its eccentric and forefront highlights, has dropped down manual works to a great extent and has resolved issues related to time and complexity. This software effectively looks forward to numerous parts of Structural Design, for example, Model Development, Analysis, Verification, Design and toward the end Review of the outcomes

Course Content

Introduction to STAAD.Pro V8i
• What is STAAD.Pro v8i
• Why, Where & Who Can use STAAD.Pro
• Overview of Structural Analysis and Design
• STAAD.Pro V8i
• STAAD Editor
• Co-ordinate Systems
• Repeat and Repeat all method

Model Generation and Editing
• Creating Nodes
• Creating Members
• Model Generation
• Assign support in STAAD Editor
• Assign Property in STAAD Editor
• Loading in STAAD Editor
• Creating Models by using Structure Wizard
• Assign Support from Home Page
• Assign Support in Home Page
• Model Editing Tools
• Stair Case
• Translational Repeat, Circular Repeat

Introduction to Loading
• Creating a Primary Load
• Adding Selfweight
• Member Load
• Perform Analysis
• Pre-analysis Print
• Post-analysis Print

Automatic load generation
• Wind Load
• Moving Load
• Area Load
• Floor Load
• Load Combinations

Concrete Design
• Introduction to Concrete Design
• Adding Parameters
• Column and Beam Design
• Finding Quantity of Steel and Concrete
• Continues Beam

• Seismology
• Introduction
• Standards for Earthquake Design
• General Principals for Earthquake Design
• Finding the Lateral Force by using STAAD.Pro

• Introduction
• Rectangular Water Tank Design
• Circular Water Tank Design
• Shearwall Design
• Staircase Design
• Retaining Wall Design

Steel Design
• Introduction
• Steel Structure Design
• Transmission Tower
• Member Select

Report Generation
• Importing CAD Models
• Report Setup
• Plotting from STAAD.Pro
• Final Report
• Print Out

Learning Outcomes:
Participants are equipped with various software functionalities like model generation and editing; loading analysis; concrete designing etc. The STAAD.Pro® v8i software training also offers proficiency in using the seismology; report generation; and steel and foundation design features.
After completing the STAAD.Pro® v8i training, individuals can work as Structure Designers, Project Managers, Building Analysts, Quality Analysts, and Bridge Designers etc.

•Reuse of design data by creating a structural model in STAAD.Pro and import it into AutoPIPE for a more realistic, fully integrated, bi-directional piping and structural analysis. You can also import the final piping model, complete with pipe support loads, into the Bentley STAAD model.
•Increased safety assurance in your engineering designs with static and load sequencing nonlinear analysis. Perform analyses to examine different loading scenarios including thermal, seismic, wind, and dynamic load cases. Instantly view stresses, deflections, forces, and moments Analyze and visualize pipe stress

The course curriculum provides practical skills and tools that can confidently be applied on-the-job immediately upon completion of training course.
Course Benefits
 Save international travelling expenses
 Access to Bentley SACSdemonstration licence
 Post training support
 Access to Bentley Open Days
 Discounts are available for Lonadek trainings & upcoming events

Who should attend?
Structural Engineers, Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Civil engineers, Naval architects and Technologists.

Date: 8th – 19th July 2019

At the end of the course and upon completion of required assignments, participants will receive both a Certificate of Participation from Lonadek and Bentley Institute

Course Fee: To register the next class, kindly call 08139112519 or send an email to training@lonadek.com

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