Accident Investigation


Accident investigations are important to distinguish mishap causation and guarantee the compelling execution of restorative activities. Directors and managers ought to have the essential ability to examine and report all events (near misses, accidents, illnesses) in the form of a composed report. Along these lines, it is basic that managers and supervisors in both Safety and front line Departments (e.g. Engineering, Drilling, Production, and Maintenance) who are exposed to accidents, should have the technical knowledge about investigations and the understanding of how to perform the investigation in such a way that the organization will learn from it as much as possible.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and execute accident investigation procedures
  • state the reasons for the accident investigation
  • Identify potential sources of information for obtaining evidence
  • Demonstrate a capacity to reach practical conclusions
  • Be able to make realistic and corrective Recommendations


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