Strategies for Business Growth and Development


Strategies for Business Growth and Development is a 1-day training program that helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and career professionals to critically understand the performance and capabilities of the business. It helps professionals identify trends and business opportunities in the future by creating a definitive direction and leaving a competitive advantage for the business, establishment, or organization.


Course Outline:

  • Evaluation Techniques Of The Market
  • Setting Business Objectives
  • How To Create The Right Team For Your Business
  • Business Development/Growth Strategies for new entrants, re-entrants, and existing businesses
  • Dynamic and systemic analysis tool for business growth
  • Inter-relation of external market opportunities, internal capabilities, and business growth dynamics
  • Business challenges and dilemmas – Solutions, Problem-Solving techniques &Critical thinking
  • The Right KPIs To Monitor And Focus On
  • Developing A Company Culture For Better Employee And Partners Effectiveness
  • Product’s Life Cycle & Usage
  • The Difference Between Cash And Profit
  • How To Analyse Successful Businesses To Know How They Function And Grow
  • Long-Term Growth Strategies (Double And Triple The Revenue Constantly)
  • Business growth opportunities – Identification & Optimisation


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