Subsea Engineering in Offshore Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs


Checks for conformity by measuring, observing, testing, or gauging the relevant parameters of an item. (Generally carried out without dismantling) alongside the combination of technical administrative and managerial actions during the life cycle of an item, intended to retain it in, or restore it to a state where it can perform its intended function through repair is seen as a critical aspect of subsea engineering to ensure productive offshore operations.

Design of subsea equipment follows appropriate industry codes and standards (depending on which equipment is being designed) to define the loads (working conditions) that each subcomponent, component, and the entire equipment as a unit shall be subjected to, and checks based on experience and experiments to avoid failure of the equipment while controlling cost.


Specific requirements for the design of subsea equipment and structures will be classified and discussed along with the following sub-heading:

  • Intervention
  • Material Selection and Corrosion Protection
  • Design Load
  • Operational Requirements
  • Test Requirements


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