Subsea Engineering in Preservation, Storage and Maintenance


Maintaining spares and redundant machinery in a prime state, ready for operation, can be a daunting proposition, particularly given that most of the planet is covered with a substance that tends to attack these stored and stand-by machines.

We call the substance water. It is vital to life, health, happiness, and keeping the wheels turning in the wide world of petroleum products and in particular subsea field development. Water also has the distinct potential to wreck idle equipment (both surface and subsea equipment).


Course Outline

  • Preservation Principles
  • Preservation Phases
  • Preservation Documentation
  • Preservation Requirements
  • General Storage Conditions
  • Specific Storage Requirements
  • Storage Requirements for Fluids
  • Routine preventive preservation maintenance
  • Specific preventive preservation maintenance for equipment in storage
  • Preparation for offshore installation.


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