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Some Coronavirus Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For


Misinformation during a public health crisis not only fuels hysteria, it’s dangerous.
When fiction masquerades as fact, people panic when they don’t need to or they try to protect themselves with “remedies” that don’t work.
Unfortunately, falsehoods about the coronavirus pandemic are rampant.

Below is some Coronavirus Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

1. Young people don’t have to worry. Even though people over 60 are at greater risk of getting a severe case, many young people have fallen sick and even died.
A surprising report issued by the CDC found that 38% of patients hospitalized in the U.S. for coronavirus were between 20 and 54.

2. Wearing a mask will protect you. Masks help stop sick people from spreading the virus. But they don’t protect healthy people from getting infected, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
The WHO says you should wear a mask in public only if you are infected or caring for someone who is infected. But you shouldn’t be going out in those cases unless it is absolutely necessary.

3. Drinking alcohol prevent Coronavirus, the WHO says drinking alcohol does not protect you from Coronavirus infection.

4. Pets can spread coronavirus. There is one case of a man in Hong Kong giving the virus to his dog. (The dog did not become ill.) But there are no cases of pets passing the virus to their owners.

5. You should wear gloves when out in public. Medical expert’s says wearing gloves for things like touching ATM keypads machine, etc. is probably not effective for keeping you safe from the virus. Becuase most gloves have minute holes large enough to let viruses through.

7. You can kill the virus by gargling bleach. Under no circumstances should you do this. Bleach taken internally is corrosive. It will cause severe damage to your esophagus.

Now more than ever, you need to #StaySafe keep to health instruction from your local authorities.

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