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Top Reasons to Study Human Resource Management in 2020


The Concept of HR Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on the recruitment, management of, and providing direction and guidance for the people who work in an organization. The HRM function of managing people is in the form of maintaining a collective relationship between management and employees.

Human Resource Management – An Outlook for a Better Organizational Success

Human resources is important to organizations in myriad areas, ranging from strategic planning to company image. HR practitioners in a small business who have well-rounded expertise provide a number of services to employees. The areas in which HR maintains control can enhance an employees’ experience throughout the workforce while strengthening business operations.

The Importance of HR Management

  • Strategic Management

HR improves the company’s bottom line with its knowledge of how human capital affects organizational success. Leaders with expertise in HR strategic management participate in corporate decision-making that underlies current staffing assessments and projections for future workforce needs based on business demand.

  • Training and Development

HR training and development specialists coordinate new employee orientation, an essential step in forging a strong employer-employee relationship. The training and development area of HR also provides training that supports the company’s fair employment practices and employee development to prepare aspiring leaders for supervisory and management roles.

  • Hiring

HR professionals work closely with hiring managers to effect good hiring decisions, according to the organization’s workforce needs. They provide guidance to managers who aren’t familiar with HR or standard hiring processes to ensure that the company extends offers to suitable candidates.

  • Maintaining Compliance

HR workers ensure that the organization complies with federal state employment laws. They complete paperwork necessary for documenting that the company’s employees are eligible to work in the U.S. They also monitor compliance with applicable laws for organizations that receive federal or state government contracts, through maintaining applicant flow logs, written affirmative action plans and disparate impact analyses.

  • Employee Satisfaction

Employee relations specialists in HR help the organization achieve high performance, morale and satisfaction levels throughout the workforce, by creating ways to strengthen the employer-employee relationship. They administer employee opinion surveys, conduct focus groups and seek employee input regarding job satisfaction and ways the employer can sustain good working relationships

Why Study Human Resource Management in 2020

  • Work Anywhere

The HR profession opens doors to jobs in every sector, allowing you to build your career nationally and/or internationally in an industry you are passionate about.

  • Progress Your Career

A career in HRM offers long‐term options and a huge variety of roles, which ranges from; being involved in recruiting, coaching employees, or helping your company decide how employees should be rewarded. There are even much more roles for the human resource manager to explore.

  • Offers Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is what we look for when choosing a job. You surely would get the desired satisfaction when working as HR manager for a company. Even in a junior position, you can see the direct results of your work very quickly and you will be able to measure the positive impact that you have made on the workplace.

  • Meet New People Every Day and Grow Your Network

Getting a degree or practicing HRM could be a great plus, and even fun for you if you enjoy meeting people. You will meet new people, including clients, managers and other top individuals while practicing this profession. Working with people (new or old) is a key and important part of the HR role.

  • Better Opportunities and Progress

If you can get skilled in this role and even get a degree in the role, then the sky is surely your starting point. The HRM role is open to tons of opportunities and the more you attain the better you become, the more progressive you become.

Conclusively, in the course of your engagements as a HR personnel, you will learn to develop a strategic approach to training, recruiting and developing company’s most important asset; developing people. Whilst supporting the vision and goals of the organisation through great people interventions.

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