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Goal Setting and Effective Time Management

Goal Setting and Effective Time Management

(Weekend Virtual Training)

This 1-day course is aimed at providing participants with the ability to organize and optimize their time and resources in their respective organizations and personal endeavours. Goal setting is very critical to creating organizational and personal goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Time bound). The Goal Setting programme is the necessary tool for productivity, profitability, self-appraisal and continuous Effective Time management and is the fundamental principle to priotizing tasks, planning ahead, eliminating distractions and delegating tasks to others. With effective time management, the employers and the employees are able achieve more without health hazards, operational risks and loss. You accomplish more when you make better decisions and work more efficiently which in turn leads to a more successful life.

Course Content:

  • The Basics On Goal Setting
  • Principles for setting goals
  • Techniques used in achieving daily, monthly and periodic objectives/goals
  • Know yourself – Purpose, identifying the drive
  • Value Setting
  • Different types of personality – Personality and achieving goals
  • Tools for optimising time
  • Your Goals Have To Fit Your Timeline
  • Your Goals Must Be Attainable
  • Write Out Your Goals For Time Management
  • Process evaluation –tools & templates
  • PC Tools For Goal Setting
  • When Your Goals Fail – Approach to recover
  • Case studies for goal achievements in different environments – work, business, personal life
  • Case studies for time management and utilisation – work, business, personal life
  • Practical examples in different environments
  • The Benefits Of Goal Setting For Time Management
  • Exercises and Assignments
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Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Name the first step for goal setting.
  • Identify the general rule for categorizing goals for Group 1.
  • Recognize the characteristics of SMART goals.
  • Recall what it means to plan for success.
  • Identify actions that could inhibit you from staying on track with a goal.

Mr Collins Edebiri, Mr Kunle Adefila, Mr Wale Olajubu, Mrs Joy Owo

Target Audience
Project Managers, Career Person, Business Owners, Venture Capitalists, Goal Setter, Politically Inspired Individuals

Duration: 1 Day

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