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Recent globalization trends of new technologies, soaring commodity prices, local content requirements, low-cost country sourcing, unstable global political environments and a lot more other factors do create uncertainties in already volatile external business environment thus affecting businesses beyond their control. As a result, it is no more business model versus business model, but supply chains versus supply chains. The most responsive, resilient and agile supply chain gains the competitive advantage. This course, purely from an industry perspective unravels these concepts and offers participants skills required in having a helicopter view of both internal & external inter/intra company systems/processes requiring value optimization.

Supply Chain disruption drivers peculiar to West Africa especially Nigeria will be discussed through interactive case studies.

• The concept of supply chain management-a route to achieving competitive advantage
• Examples of supply chains –Industry best practice
• Elements of Supply Chain Performance-Facilities/Inventory management/information/Logistics/Sourcing& Procurement
• Supply Chain Strategy development for competitive advantage
• Issues Affecting Supply Chain performance-global supply uncertainties/decreasing product cycle
• Effect of Supply Chain Management & logistics in a company’s VALUE CHAIN
• Supply Chain Forecasting-The 3Ws-How to mitigate the wrong product in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lean thinking
• Supply Chain Coordination to minimize disruption
• Measuring Supply Chain Performance-End-to-end visibility, Supply Chain Resilience, etc
• Challenges of Supply Chain management in Sub-saharan Africa-Nigeria/Ghana and mitigation
– •Logistics management-3PL
• providers/Transportation/Warehousing/Intermodal transportation/Just-In-Time/Vendor Managed Inventory



20th – 22nd August 2019


Cedar Centre