About the Webinar

This webinar is organised to show and give individuals and corporate organisations what it means to be financially independent while creating value for Lonadek, themselves and the larger society.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, the participants would:

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How to maximize the opportunity as an Independent Sales Professional


Where such opportunities are found


Benefits of being an independent Sales Professional for Lonadek Global Services


Target Audience:

  • Individuals with sales in their DNA
  • Corporate Organisations that want to sell other companies Products
  • Individuals that want to be financially Independent
  • Individuals that want multiple streams of income while keeping their 9 – 5 kind of job


Joy Nkechi OWO

Lead Consultant
Epic Joy Consulting Ltd

Blessing Okorafor

Human Resources Business Partner
Lonadek Global Services

Prudence Onyemekara

Financial Analyst
Lonadek Global Services