About the Webinar

Offshore Structural Analysis and Design Using SACs is an integrated suite of software that supports the 8analysis design isolation, and installation of offshore structures. Including oil and gas, wind turbine platforms and topsides. Its ability to dynamically iterate designs allows users to perform advanced analysis, empty with offshore design criteria and visualize complex results.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, the participants would:

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Understand the Capabilities of Offshore Structural Analysis and Design SACs


Discover the knowledge and gain the confidence you need to enter the offshore, Naval and Architectural industries with valid certification


Learn to apply modern design, analysis and fabrication techniques from the industry experts



  • Performing the in-space analysis, loading & combinations
  • Pile Soil interaction (psi)
  • Introduction to dynamic analysis, Jacket natural frequency, wave dynamics
  • Jacket fatique analysis

Target Audience:

Structural Engineers, Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Naval Engineers, and Technologists.