About Lonadek Exploration and Production

Lonadek Exploration and Production is a Nigerian oil and gas company that was established in 2013.

Our central goal is to be a profoundly specialized, business, and enterprising association, with full conveyance ability across the whole upstream oil and gas value chain.

Why Choose Us


We venture into the activity of mining, extracting exploring, producing, developing, processing, buying and selling, importing, exporting, transporting, acting as Agents, and sealing in all kinds of fuels.


We are petroleum prospectors, producers, refiners, and dealers, and to harness, process, render marketable, supply, and deal in natural gas, crude oil, and other related natural resources.


We apply for and obtain interests in marginal fields and oil blocks and obtain permits or licenses for the activities and business of the company


We do business as producers, manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in petrol, kerosene, diesel oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, paraffin wax, asphalt, carbon black, and all petroleum products and to do the same in respect of gas products, including but not limited to industrial, domestic and cooking gas.


We provide consultancy services to manufacturing sectors dealing with oil bergs, drills and things suited to use in carrying out the objects of the company


We work with our consultants and are open to partnerships that are looking to  construct, operate, maintain, and acquire storage, regasification, liquefaction, and other associated facilities for Liquefied Natural Gas

We are open to Collaboration and Partnership

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