Aveva E3D


AVEVA E3D Design is the world’s most technologically advanced and powerful 3D design solution for the process plant, marine, and power industries. It offers effective productivity and capabilities while retaining seamless compatibility with other Plant Design solution suites like AVEVA Engineering and Integrated Design solutions. AVEVA E3D Design enables clash-free, multi-discipline 3D design, and rapidly generates accurate drawings and reports to reduce costs, timescales, and commercial risks of both greenfield and brownfield capital projects.


Key Features

  • Easy configuration
  • Marine capabilities
  • Integration of laser scan data in to the design environment
  • Integration with AVEVA engineering tools
  • Laser data in drawings
  • In-context access to the full Digital Asset
  • Optimum use of design automation and rules
  • Automatic cable routing
  • Change management
  • Efficient management of subcontract work packages
  • Unrivalled design reuse
  • Configurable automation of deliverables
  • Object-centric data management
  • Project and discipline management tools

Target Audience

  • Plant Engineers.
  • Facilities Engineers.
  • Electrical Engineers.
  • All Discipline Engineers.


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