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Course Overview

AVEVA Instrumentation and Electrical is a feature-rich software application for electrical & instrumentation engineering and design in plant and marine projects. The new functionality also includes offering best-in-class cable routing capabilities based on AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D) as well as delivering greater flexibility to the way in which distributed engineering teams can configure and control projects. AVEVA Instrumentation and Electrical are both Citrix Ready, giving customers yet more flexibility in the way in which they configure, deploy and control AVEVA applications on their projects. It can even be combined with the world-leading AVEVA Global technology.

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Key Deliverables

An extensive range of customizable high quality deliverables using reports or templates may be created automatically, including:

  • Instrument index 
  • Datasheets 
  • Cable schedules 
  • Cable block diagrams 
  • Fieldbus diagrams 
  • Loop diagrams 
  • Termination diagrams 
  • Hook-up diagrams 
  • Bill of Materials 
  • Electrical datasheets 
  • Load lists 
  • Key one-line diagrams 
  • Single-line diagrams (with or without CAD) 
  • Schematic and standard installation diagrams 
  • Cable block diagrams 
  • Termination drawings 
  • Installation details 
  • Cable schedules, including routing information 
  • Bills of Material (BoMs) 

AVEVA Instrumentation enables instrument engineers to quickly execute new and legacy instrumentation engineering projects and share data while maintaining control through an out-of-the-box product. It can be deployed Stand-alone or fully integrated. When used as part of an integrated AVEVA software deployment, it adds instrumentation data into the complete project information model, exposing it to the full range of AVEVA’s design, engineering, collaboration and life cycle management technologies.

While, AVEVA Electrical enables the efficient creation and delivery of high-quality deliverables for a successful and profitable project completion because of its intuitive user interface.

AVEVA Electrical is functionally rich, both for the engineering contractor in the design and for the Owner-Operator in day-to-day operations. It can be deployed as either a Stand-alone application, integrated with AVEVA Instrumentation™ or fully integrated with the project’s selected suite of applications,

  • Increased productivity
  • Highly intuitive to use, 
  • Integrates with AVEVA’s engineering and 3D design solutions 
  • Instantly creates single-line diagrams 
  • Creates and manages engineering data 
  • Supports Compare & Update for efficient collaboration 
  • Enables integrated E&I projects 
  • Creates multi-purpose datasheets 
  • Works in local language 
  • A uniquely graphical ‘visual engineering’ approach boosts productivity on both large and small projects. Catalogue- and rules-based automation saves time and reduces errors and design revisions. 
  • Increased design quality
  • Use of catalogues and rules enables the efficient creation of compliant design. Seamless integration with 3D model data extends this, for example, to enable efficient cable routing. High-quality documentation tools, with revisioning and highlighting features, maximise productivity in asset operations 
  • Graphical engineering’ reduces opportunities for error 
  • Change highlighting enables efficient design development 
  • Applies cable-sizing standards, in-built, customer- or project specific 
  • Enables intelligent cable routing and management when integrated with AVEVA 3D design solutions 
  • Rapid payback
  • Easy, rapid deployment, with minimal user training needs, immediately increases productivity on new or existing projects. 
  • Automatically generated deliverables
  • Key deliverables accurately created and automatically generated 
  • Collaborative workflow
  • A database shared with AVEVA Electrical™, improved data access control, integration with other AVEVA solutions and interoperability with third-party software enable efficient cross discipline collaboration, ensuring design integrity. 

Target Audience:

Plant Engineers, Facilities Engineers, Electrical Engineers


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