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Course Overview

AVEVA Instrumentation™ is feature-rich software for instrumentation and systems engineering. It enables instrumentation teams within multi-discipline organizations to design complete installations. Features like intuitive graphical user interfaces, extensive use of design rules and catalogs, maximum workflow flexibility, automatic generation of high-quality drawings and reports for installation and commissioning make AVEVA Instrumentation the preferred choice for projects of all sizes for the EPC, shipbuilder in design, and for the asset operator in everyday operations and maintenance strategy.

AVEVA Instrumentation enables instrument engineers to quickly execute new and legacy instrumentation engineering projects and share data while maintaining control through an out-of-the-box product. It can be deployed Stand-alone or fully integrated. When used as part of an integrated AVEVA software deployment, it adds instrumentation data into the complete project information model, exposing it to the full range of AVEVA’s design, engineering, collaboration and life cycle management technologies.


Business Benefits

Increased productivity

A uniquely graphical ‘visual engineering’ approach boosts productivity on both large and small projects. Catalog- and rules-based automation saves time and reduces errors and design revisions.

Increased design quality

The use of catalogs and rules enables the efficient creation of a compliant design. Seamless integration with 3D model data extends this, for example, to enable efficient cable routing. High-quality documentation tools, with revisioning and highlighting features, maximize productivity in asset operations.

Rapid payback

Easy, rapid deployment, with minimal user training needs, immediately increases productivity on new or existing projects.

Collaborative workflow

A database shared with AVEVA Electrical™, improved data access control, integration with other AVEVA solutions, and interoperability with third-party software enables efficient cross-discipline collaboration, ensuring design integrity.

An extensive range of customizable high-quality deliverables using reports or templates may be created automatically, including:

  • Instrument index
  • Datasheets
  • Cable schedules
  • Cable block diagrams
  • Fieldbus diagrams
  • Loop diagrams
  • Termination diagrams
  • Hook-up diagrams
  • Bill of Materials

5 days

Target Audience:

Plant Engineers, Facilities Engineers, Electrical Engineers


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