• Project Management Fundamentals in Oil and Gas About Course

Course Overview

Corporate strategy is often cascaded through several strategic business units (SBUs) and then ends up being represented as portfolios of programs or projects. These become the vehicles for implementing the approved strategic initiatives.

Thus, project management competencies are increasingly becoming a matter of survival for organizations as organizations strive for comparative advantage and increase in market share, resulting in robust top and bottom lines.

This course is designed to equip project management personnel at all levels with the requisite project management principles and best practices required to meet project objectives.


Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and use project management terms
  • Differentiate between projects and operations
  • Understand and use project management terms
  • Distinguish among projects, programs, and portfolios
  • Appreciate the strategic importance of projects to organizations
  • Understand and apply project management principles
  • Appreciate the uses of phase gates in maintaining the strategic objectives of projects
  • Identify and select appropriate phases for different project types.
  • Develop WBS and CBS
  • Identify project success factors and criteria
  • Definition and characteristics of projects, programs, and portfolios
  • Definition and Characteristics of Project management, program management and portfolio management
  • Characteristics of an effective project manager
  • Similarities and differences between Traditional Management and Project Management
  • Project management context
  • Project management for national development
  • Project management lifecycle and phases
  • Project phase gates and deliverables
  • Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Cost Breakdown Structures (CBS) and application, and Work Packages
  • Project Lifecycle and Process Groups
  • Project management Knowledge Areas
  • Measures of Project Success (Critical success factors and criteria)
  • Project team leadership
  • Case Studies

5 days

Target Audience:

Government officials who are responsible projects, Project managers, Government officials in charge of projects, Project leaders, Project Executives, Project Engineers, Associate Project Managers, Project team members, Team Leads


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