• Qualitative Fire Risk Assessment for Oil and Gas installation About Course

Course Overview

The Oil & Gas industry is one that is exposed to all manner of risks. It is essential for personnel to have the requisite accreditations relating to health and safety specifically with regards to the specialized equipment they operate, the hazardous materials they come into contact with, as well as many other areas relating to occupational hazards. A sustainable risk analysis model of oil and gas installation is very important.


Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Undertake a qualitative fire risk assessment for oil and gas installation.
  • To make practical improvements to workplace safety, with knowledge of how to undertake practical fire risk assessments for oil and gas installation.
  • Background to fire safety legislation
  • The new approach to fire safety
  • Understanding fire
  • The principles of fire risk assessment
  • Documenting your findings
  • Practical fire risk assessments

3 days

Target Audience:

Facilities managers, Project and Facilities Engineers who have to work in live Oil & Gas plants, Health and Safety professionals, Fire marshals.


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