Certification in Foundations of Cyber Security

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This 24-hour introduction to information security provides the foundation for understanding the planning and implementation of policies and procedures for protecting information assets, determining the levels of protection and response to security threats and incidents, and designing an appropriate information security system. It provides the foundation for all other courses in this certificate. Candidates will gain an overview of the field of information security and assurance, and will also learn the necessary knowledge to engage in information assurance activities and procedures.

Candidates will also master risk management, security planning, and security policy enforcement and auditing activities. Candidates will learn about security guidelines, regulation and legal implications, and standards that apply in information security management, as well as information confidentiality, data integrity, and system availability.

The primary objectives of the course are to:

  • Understand the importance of information security in business continuity
  • Critically analyze security threats and define appropriate technical and managerial controls for these threats.
  • Understand procedures for ensuring compliance with security policies and standards; establish appropriate systems and plans for security implementation
  • Identify legal implications of security and standards for security management
  • Recognize the management, organizational, and sourcing considerations for having an effective information security program
  • Describe audit and recovery approaches for coping with security breaches 

Who should attend?

  • Network professionals looking to advance their knowledge and explore cybersecurity as a career path
  • Executives and managers looking to increase their ability to communicate with security professionals and implement a robust security solution at the organizational level
  • Individuals want to improve their understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals, including threats, mitigating controls, and organizational responsibilities

Mode of Delivery:  Online Training

Duration: 24 Hours