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For candidates interested in IT management considerations and/or becoming a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), this course, along with 4 security/auditing courses selected from the above courses, focuses on preparing experts skilled at assessing, securing and controlling strategic, tactical, and operational business and IT frameworks for an organization.

CISA Certification provides participants with a lifelong differentiator for security, IT and non-IT executives who wish to advance in their careers. This is an ideal path for those looking at a senior position in Information Systems auditing and security. This CISA course is highly recommended for IS/IT auditors, IT managers, Audit Managers, Security Managers, System Analysts, Consultants, CIOs, CTOs, and non-IT professionals.

As organizations engage in the digital transformation and focus their investments in leveraging information technology for competitive advantage and performance improvements, it is essential to understand how to effectively and efficiently manage their information technology resources. There are numerous choices to be made about managing IT resources and it is essential to ensure IT and non-IT executives across the firm work in harmony.

Experience has made it clear that firms need well-thought-out organizational structures, skills, processes, and decision rights to ensure that the decisions about how to leverage IT investments are well thought out and integrated across the enterprise. This course will help candidates understand the fundamental decisions related to the management of IT resources and the types of organizational structures, sourcing, governance, and processes that will help effectively and efficiently attain value for the enterprise. It concentrates on developing the candidates’ competency in current/emerging issues in creating and coordinating the key activities necessary to manage the day-to-day tactical and operational IT functions of an enterprise, as IT becomes ingrained in all aspects of the business.

Topics include:

  • Enhancing IT-business alignment
  • Strategic, Tactical, and Operational IT governance practices
  • Improving IT’s key business processes
  • IT organizational structure alternatives
  • Demonstrating the value of IT
  • Evolving role of the CIO
  • Trends in sourcing/outsourcing
  • Sustaining systems integration
  • Managing emerging technologies and change
  • Human resource and skills considerations
  • Database Management

Would receive the IT Technical Training Certificate  (1 above)

Management Competencies

  • Oracle Technical Training

Would receive the IT Technical Training Certificate   (1 above)

IBM Cognos Technical Training

SAP Business One & R/3

Would receive the IT Technical Training Certificate

(1 above)

  • Deploying Data Technologies
  • Management Consulting