Managing Emerging Information Technology

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IT organizations must be able to leverage new technologies. This course focuses on how organizations can effectively and efficiently assess trends and emerging SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) and security technologies. Participants will learn how to help their organization define, select, and adopt new information technologies while understanding the respective security implications. This course will introduce candidates to new directions in information systems and effective approaches for evaluating their relevance and applicability to their business environments as well as the new challenges and problems that they present, especially as they pertain to security. Candidates will learn about emerging technologies and the latest design trends in data and knowledge, networks, and applications in terms of what issues they address and in particular, how organizations can exploit them for competitive advantage.

Topics include:

  • Creating a business case for emerging information technology.
  • Identifying factors affecting the successful adoption of new information technologies.
  • Identifying the key attributes, business benefits, risks, security implications, and cost factors of new technology.
  • Knowing how to effectively use advanced search and selection metrics for identifying and selecting new technology

Describing technology trends that presently drive or are expected to drive the selection of new technologies over the next decade and providing organizational structures and frameworks that guide the enhanced adoption and capitalization related to what new technologies and approaches can offer.