Career Counselling and Industry Awareness


This Training focuses on your career goals and gives you the best Mentorship counseling to help you break through in your career, especially in the Oil & Gas, Power, and Energy sectors. Learn how to take your career to the next level, get enlightened on what employers are looking for in Applicants, and stay ahead by being better informed and positioned to meet their demands.

You need this Training for clarity on your chosen career path, to help you decide perfect success strategy, and also to assist you to make better career choices.


Benefits of the training:

  • Understand the various opportunities in the specific STEM industries and sectors
  • Make good career choices and establish a long-term career goal
  • Get armed with the Tips and Tricks it will take to have a successful career in the Oil & Gas, Power, and Energy sectors
  • Get access/connection to well-connected and experienced Facilitators/Mentors and have your personal questions answered in real time.


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