Document Control and Management (Online)


This programme is designed to empower participants to setup and maintain a state-of-the-art Document Control Centre (DCC). It covers the best practices of Document Control with a very practical and hands-on approach,
while going through all the components, the core expert topics and activities of the profession.



Who To Attend:

  • New Document Controllers,
  • Personal Assistants,
  • Documentation Officers,
  • File room Assistants,
  • Technical Assistants,
  • Executive Secretaries,
  • Company Secretaries, and
  • Administrative Officers Etc.

Course Content

  1. Fundamentals of Document Control & Management
    • Basics of Good Documentation and Control
    • Key Principles, Standards, and Terminologies
    • The Role of the Document Controller
    • Document control checks and gatekeeping
    • Key Definitions
    • Key Technologies and Functionalities
  1. Introduction to EDMS
    • Software packages used by Document Controllers
    • Functionalities of Document Control Software Packages
    • How EDMS can help Document Controllers
  1. The Review and Approval Structure in Document Control Systems – Procedure and Operations
    • Introduction to Document Control
    • Document Control Process
    • Document Identification & Naming Convention
    • Document Distribution through DCC
    • Document Tracking and Expediting
    • Common Problems Encountered In Managing Documents
  1. Electronic File Transfer
    • Email Usage & Management
    • Project Document Archiving at Job Close-Out
  1. Quality Assurance versus Quality Control
    • Quality Management System
    • Reason for Quality Management System
    • Quality Management System’s Approach
  1. Interactions with project teams, engineering teams, managers
  2. How do you support technical teams? How do you manage work pressure? How do you manage difficult situations?

Learning Outcome

In the course of training, participants will understand the

  • Fundamentals of document control
  • Management of the document control process
  • Procedures and operations within the Document Control process
  • Quality documents and records management process of electronic document

Course Summary

This course is both for:

  1. Beginners in Document Control: This course gives a robust foundation for the profession, explains all the tasks and responsibilities, and contains numerous workshops and tutorials. You will acquire competencies that can be applied to day-to-day work.
  2. Experienced Document Controllers: Most Document Controllers learnt the discipline ‘on the job’. This course consolidates basics, formalizes knowledge, and deepens competencies. It allows experienced Document Controllers to compare their experience with common / best practices and to get recognized through the certification examination.
  3. And for everyone, it’s a great opportunity to network and share experiences with other Document Control professionals.
  4. At the end of this course, the City &Guild International Certificate can be accessed by learners.


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