Primavera P6


Primavera P6 is a powerful enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) software used by organizations of all sizes to plan, schedule, control, and execute complex projects across various industries. It’s considered the industry standard for large-scale projects, particularly in construction, engineering, and IT for planning and controlling complex engineering projects like oil and gas development, power plants, and manufacturing facilities.


Course Objectives

Participants that attend the course should be able to;

  • Project scheduling fundamentals: Create and manage project schedules with tasks, dependencies, durations, and resources.
  • Resource management: Assign resources to tasks, track availability, and optimize utilization to avoid conflicts.
  • Cost management: Estimate project costs, track expenses, and monitor budget performance.
  • Risk management: Identify and assess risks, develop mitigation strategies, and track progress.
  • Collaboration: Facilitate communication and collaboration among project stakeholders.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports and dashboards to track progress, identify issues, and make informed decisions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  1. Navigate the Primavera P6 interface confidently.
  2. Create and manage project schedules using Primavera P6.
  3. Effectively utilize resource management features.
  4. Apply project tracking and progress monitoring techniques.
  5. Analyse critical paths and optimize project schedules.
  6. Generate and interpret project reports.
  7. Implement best practices for project risk management in Primavera P6.


Module 1: Introduction to Project Management and PMP

  • Overview of Project Management and its importance.
  • Introduction to the PMP framework and its key processes.
  • Benefits and relevance of PMP in project execution.

Module 2: PMP Knowledge Areas

  • In-depth exploration of PMP Knowledge Areas (Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communications, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholder Management).
  • Best practices and tools associated with each Knowledge Area.

Module 3: Introduction to Primavera P6)

  • Overview of project management with Primavera P6.
  • Understanding the role of Primavera P6 in project planning and execution.
  • Installation and basic setup of Primavera P6.

Module 4: Navigating the Primavera P6 Interface

  • Overview of the Primavera P6 user interface.
  • Customizing layouts and views for efficient navigation.
  • Setting user preferences and options.

Module 5: Project Creation and Setup

  • Creating a new project in Primavera P6.
  • Defining project attributes, calendars, and codes.
  • Configuring project settings for accurate scheduling.

Module 6: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Activities

  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure in Primavera P6.
  • Defining project activities and milestones.
  • Establishing relationships between activities.

Module 7: Resource Management in Primavera P6

  • Adding and managing project resources.
  • Assigning resources to activities.
  • Analyzing resource usage and optimizing allocations.

Module 8: Project Scheduling

  • Building project schedules in Primavera P6.
  • Understanding task dependencies and constraints.
  • Fine-tuning project schedules for accuracy

Module 9: Tracking Progress and Performance

  • Updating project progress in Primavera P6.
  • Analyzing critical paths and float.
  • Implementing earned value management (EVM) techniques.

Module 10: Project Reporting and Dashboards

  • Generating standard and custom reports in Primavera P6.
  • Creating and customizing project dashboards.
  • Communicating project status effectively.

Module 11: Risk Management in Primavera P6

  • Identifying and assessing project risks.
  • Integrating risk management into project schedules.
  • Monitoring and controlling project risks.

Module 12: Advanced Features and Best Practices

  • Exploring advanced features of Primavera P6.
  • Implementing industry best practices.
  • Tips for troubleshooting common issues.


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