Experts Meets on Revamping the Energy Sector at the Diran Fawibe Annual Lecture

On a bright day filled with prospects for Nigeria’s energy sector, the International Energy Services LTD (IESL), the Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law, and the University of Ibadan (UI) came together to host the much-anticipated Diran Fawibe Annual Lecture. The theme, “Shaping the Future, Building Legends,” set the tone for a gathering of […]
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Help, My Business Is Not Growing: Unlocking Business Growth and Efficiency

Welcome to another edition of Consultation Week! We appreciate your engagement in the previous discussion. Today, we address a common challenge faced by organizations: the struggle to improve efficiency and achieve business growth. Specifically, we will delve into the context of the oil and gas industry, where outsourcing services and employee training play a crucial […]
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