engineering tech


Blockchain in Engineering: Building Trust and Security in the Digital Age

In an era defined by digitization and interconnected systems, the emergence of Blockchain technology has transcended its cryptocurrency origins, offering a revolutionary paradigm for enhancing trust, security, and transparency. Its profound impact is reverberating across diverse industries, including engineering, where the quest for secure and reliable systems is paramount. Blockchain is a decentralized and immutable […]
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roi asset performance

Maximizing ROI Through Asset Performance Optimization Strategies

Organisations are constantly researching ways to do business better and produce the best results, especially with respect to Return on Investment, ROI. They are continually seeking ways to enhance their return on investment (ROI). One highly effective approach is through Asset Performance Optimization (APO) strategies. Assets, whether they’re physical, digital, or human, are fundamental to […]
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Call for Efficiency, How Swift we Embrace Change

In the face of global challenges and evolving energy landscapes, leading to the recent removal of fuel subsidies, the new electricity act, and escalating energy costs, etc has underscore the need for a critical approach and behavioral change towards the energy efficiency and the engineering technology sphere. The challenges at hand demand immediate attention. The […]
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