Dr. Ibilola Amao Hosts Savvitas World Business Women Webinar on Women Inclusion and Empowerment


Dr. Ibilola Amao, the Principal Consultant of Lonadek Global Services, recently co-hosted an exclusive VIP webinar, in collaboration with Savvitas World Business Women. The webinar was dedicated to a critical exploration of women inclusion and empowerment in important decision-making positions. The central theme of the virtual event revolved around the profound question: ‘If you had the key to global power for 24 hours, what would you do?’ 

Savvitas Women in Business is a vibrant and proactive organization dedicated to the empowerment and championing of women within the business world. With a dedicated emphasis on education, networking, and collaborative initiatives, Savvitas Business Women is steadfast in its mission to drive constructive transformation and advancement for women who are entrepreneurs and professionals. Each of these women ardently champions the cause of gender equality.

This high-profile virtual gathering was held on October 18th, 2023, where the distinguished panel of Savvitas Women, renowned as impactful figures on the global stage, engaged in a dynamic discourse. They deliberated upon their envisioned impacts if entrusted with such influential authority for a brief 24-hour period, as well as their aspirations for a lasting legacy.

The esteemed panel comprised Mrs. Liz Whitehead from the United States, Mrs. Corinne Dumont representing South Africa, Mrs. Ileana Ferber hailing from Cape Town, Mrs. Thanaa Al Khasawneh representing India, and Dr. Anino Emuwa based in France. The audience consisted of individuals, both men and women, originating from diverse global locations, who collectively share a common commitment to advancing the cause of women’s empowerment and their meaningful participation in upper echelons of leadership across various organizations and the global stage.

In response to the question regarding their prospective 24-hour influence, these extraordinary women resoundingly echoed their unwavering commitment to enhance the financial, social, and global empowerment of women through every means possible. Their shared aspiration is to furnish women with an influential presence on the global stage. Furthermore, they brainstormed actionable ideas aimed at immediate implementation. These concepts are rooted in women actively supporting their peers and encompass initiatives such as promoting greater female representation in leadership roles, establishing additional supportive sisterhood communities, facilitating women’s entry into the realm of investments, expanding the Savvitas community to encompass more women, and furnishing women with the knowledge requisite for nurturing and expanding their businesses. Consequently, participants benefitted extensively from the illuminating and perceptive discourse that delved profoundly into the potential influence of women in the business arena on the global policy landscape.

The Savvitas Business Women VIP Invitation webinar was a unique opportunity for individuals to gain insights from experts in global policy and business, connect with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, explore avenues for women to exert a positive influence on global policy and be inspired to drive change and make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.

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