Empowering Women in the Energy Sector: Highlights from Lonadek USAID Power Africa ESWLI 2.0

We are thrilled to share the highlights of the recently concluded Lonadek USAID Power Africa Energy Sector Women Leadership Initiative (ESWLI) 2.0. This transformative initiative aimed to empower women in the energy sector and foster numerous opportunities for their professional development.

During the ESWLI 2.0 event, we had the privilege of meeting exceptional women who are breaking barriers and inspiring change in the industry. Their determination and passion served as a driving force for a more inclusive future.

The event featured expert facilitators, including Dr Ibilola Amao, Principal Consultant at Lonadek Inc., and Helen Ezeh. Dr Ibilola Amao, a renowned industry expert, challenged us to reach our fullest potential, leaving us feeling inspired and motivated to take on new opportunities.

Helen Ezeh, our expert facilitator, provided invaluable guidance on the art of effective business communication, emphasizing its significance in building strong relationships and fostering success.

Together, we explored strategies to enhance our performance, set meaningful goals, and drive success in the energy sector. Additionally, Dr Ibilola Amao highlighted the importance of good manners, work ethics, a conscientious attitude, and overall performance for future promotions, equipping participants with essential skills to shine in professional settings.

The Lonadek USAID Power Africa ESWLI 2.0 was an exceptional opportunity to empower women, bridge skills gaps, and create a more inclusive and empowered industry.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events that aim to empower and support women in the energy sector.

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