Rewriting the Narrative of Nigeria’s Power Infrastructure

At a recent meeting in Abuja, stakeholders who are involved and interested in the power sector shared their concerns. They talked about how, even though the electricity industry was privatized about 10 years ago, the amount of electricity being delivered to regular people is still less than 4,000 megawatts.

Truly, Nigeria’s power policies are crucial for a brighter future for everyone. But the problem of not having steady electricity affects our lives in many ways, like at work, school, and healthcare. This shows that we urgently need smart solutions to change how we produce and use power.

At Lonadek, we leverage technology to solve problems and manage important information. We believe Nigeria can turn power challenges into great opportunities. We’re not just following the usual methods – we’re finding new ways to train skilled people and help our country grow strong and steady.

Every difficulty brings a chance for something better. We’re dedicated to teaching people useful skills. We design special learning programs, make skills better, and work together with others. This helps us create a group of experts who can make big changes. Through strategic global partnerships with technology leaders, we ensure access to endless supply of cutting-edge solutions, transform ideas into impactful solutions that can shape a brighter future.

Our plan is to help young talents grow. We offer mentorship, internships, and ways for them to get involved. By doing this, we’re helping to make Nigeria’s power sector better in the future.

Lonadek is committed to doing more than just the present – we’re also into exploring new ideas. We support research and new ways of doing things. We’re changing how we look at Nigeria’s power system.

As we think about our journey, we want you to join us in create a better tomorrow. Together, we can change the power sector and make amazing things possible. Thank you for believing in what Lonadek is all about. Let’s work together to make sure everyone in Nigeria can count on steady and dependable power.

Lonadek Global Services is a multi-award winning, woman-owned, ISO:9001: 2015 Certified Engineering Technology Solutions, Assets & Information Management Company. Since 1991, Lonadek empowers STEM/TECH talent to deliver state-of-the-art technologies and OEM solutions. With operations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Lonadek is committed to developing capacity, capability and competence for improved performance in STEM focused sectors of the economy. The goal of Lonadek is to identify, develop, and engage talent while leveraging technology to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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Unique Abade Christian

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