Aveva E3D Admin Fundamental


This course is designed for equip participants in using the various tools and components to execute design and modeling of equipment & piping layouts using the AVEVA E3D solution including an overview and introduction to the AVEVA E3D application.
Duration: 24days


Equipment & Piping

Equipment workspace review, Equipment Hierarchy overview, Equipment Module & Tabs, Primitives, P-Points, Negative Primitives, Equipment Modeling Options, Model Editor for Equipment, Creating Nozzles, Obstruction Volumes, Create Equipment using Templates, Overview of PDMS, Piping workspace & Hierarchy overview, Overview of Piping Specifications, Piping Settings, Pipe creation form, Model Editor & Settings, Head & Tail attributes, Isometrics, Changing Specifications, Forwards & Backwards mode, Piping Assemblies, Positioning functions, Splitting & Merging Pipes, Rotating Tool, Data Consistency

Structural & Steelworks

Structural workspace & Hierarchy overview, Overview of Structural Specifications, Structural Module & Tabs, Creating Structural Administrative Elements, Merging & Filleting Sections, Setting Storage Areas, Mitring Structural Elements, Setting Pline Rules, Fittings & Joints, Section nodes & Panels, Straight & Curved Sections, Negative Extrusions & Panel Fittings, Modifying Structural Sections, Bracing configurations, Splitting & Connecting Split Sections


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