AACE Certification Preparation Training

Imagine your career as a well-equipped vessel sailing on a course that’s meticulously charted with professional training. With each training opportunity you seize, it’s like reinforcing your ship with state-of-the-art technology and navigation tools that will wind you to your desired destination. Now, imagine an alternate scenario where your career sets sail without the advantages of professional training. In this case, your ship lacks the advanced navigation tools and expertise needed to navigate efficiently. You’re like a vessel relying solely on the wind’s unpredictable whims and outdated equipment. There are a lot of training that are very beneficial in the world today but we want to extensively talk about the AACE certification prep course.

The Integrated Cost Engineering, Estimating, Planning & Scheduling training provided by Lonadek Nigeria Limited, is a 4-day training, designed to equip participants in the field of cost engineering, estimating, planning, scheduling and project management, towards attaining and achieving AACE global certification credentials. Professionals seeking to achieve and earn global recognition in the Cost Engineering, Cost Estimating, Planning & Scheduling, and Project Control knowledge areas, are invited to participate in this course. The course is facilitated by our team of experts with extensive experience.

The intensive course prepares and equips participants for any of the AACE Certification credential examinations including Certified Cost Professional (CCP), Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP), Earned Value Professional (EVP), and Cost Estimating Professional (CEP), amongst others. Participants also become acquainted with key terminologies and techniques, in addition to obtaining international certification, as well as achieving professional and career development, through this training.

Within the Course Content are the definition of the various types of “Project Costs”, calculation of the true cost of project activities, including the overhead and cost of money, preparation of an accurate preliminary budget and definitive cost estimates, creation of full cost and resource loaded schedules, delivering projects and programs on schedule and within budgets, performing Value Analysis on projects, Understanding and Applying Earned Value Management (EVM) Concepts, Understanding Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Activity Based Management (ABM), using EVM, ABC, and ABM as tools to enhance competitive advantage, applying Total Cost Management Principles, Practices and Methodologies to Project Management, performing Economic and Business Case Analysis and Assessments, Integration of Portfolio, (Assets) Program (Operations), Project Management and how to grow your business network through interaction with other course participants. Upon completion of this training, participants get Lonadek’s certificate and are prepared to sit for the International AACE certification exams, thereby getting one a space in the global scene.

Lonadek Global Services is a multi-award-winning ISO 9001: 2015 certified Engineering Technology and Information Management company, on a mission to create value and enhance performance. At Lonadek, our training programmes are designed to incorporate the latest technology advancements and legislative changes while retaining the core values of classically-effective learning techniques. We offer Internationally Certified Technical, Non-Technical, Empowerment, Leadership, and Management courses

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