Empowering Nigerian MSMEs: With Lonadek’s Exclusive 20-Day Entrepreneurship Development Training

The ICSS Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme has kicked off and we are thrilled to reach out to you to share such an exciting opportunity.

Lonadek, in collaboration with the renowned SEDIN-GIZ-GOPA, has commenced a 20-day hybrid SCALE training module program designed to empower existing micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) who are interested in expanding their markets, economic performance and employment potentials in Nigeria. Our goal is to support their entrepreneurial journey by providing comprehensive business support resources and services through the SCALE Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

By participating in this exclusive training, participants are already gaining access to a blend of in-person and digital sessions that have been carefully designed to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by Nigerian MSMEs. Our program incorporates the valuable knowledge and experience we have acquired through years of working in partnership with the SEDIN-GIZ-GOPA, focusing on improving the business-enabling environment and enhancing entrepreneurial and management skills.

During days one – three of the 20-day training, we are proud of the expert guidance and practical insights from our qualified Trainers/Facilitators/Coaches (TFCs) duo of Olufemi Oyebanjo and Samuel Jackson, who have been equipped with the critical knowledge of the ICSS program. The participants are trained on formulating their Business Growth Plan, accessing Business Development Support Services, Business Digitalisation, Access to Market, Growth Strategies and lots more. We are confident that our team is committed to delivering the ideal methodological approaches to suit unique requirements and ensure an effective learning experience.

Our training materials have been meticulously contextualized to the Nigerian MSME reality. We have taken into account the challenges faced by unemployed youth, and other marginalized groups, making our program inclusive and accessible to a wide range of participants.

Moreover, Lonadek’s commitment to the sustainable growth of businesses extends beyond the training program. We offer aftercare and business incubation support to accelerate start-ups, with the right training for their overall success as well as offer individual/corporate training. Our dedicated team is providing ongoing resources and services to guide the participants through the various stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

It’s day eight and we’ve had such a wonderful time. We’re thrilled to have such a vibrant and diverse group of participants in this training

We’re confident that they will take what they’ve learned and use it to map out potential growth routes for their respective MSMEs.

See the event in photos:

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