Top 10 Picks in Engineering Technology Training

Are you looking to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge of engineering technology? We have carefully picked out a wide range of training programs that can help you achieve your professional goals. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 training courses in engineering technology that is in our top-picked list. These courses are designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical skills in various areas of engineering. Let’s dive in!

AACE Certification Prep Course:

The Integrated Cost Engineering, Estimating, Planning & Scheduling (CEEPPS) program, also known as the AACE Certification Prep Course, is a comprehensive five-day training designed to equip professionals in the field of cost engineering, estimating, planning, scheduling, and project management. This course will help you attain and achieve AACE global certification credentials, providing you with a competitive edge in the industry.

Oil and Gas Fundamentals:

The Oil and Gas Fundamentals course offers a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of the oil and gas industry. This course covers technical aspects, the industry’s business model, social and environmental impact, upstream production operations and equipment, as well as downstream manufacturing processes. By completing this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas industry.

AutoCAD 3D Training:

If you are already familiar with the 2D aspects of AutoCAD and want to explore the world of 3D modelling, the AutoCAD 3D Training course is perfect for you. This course introduces the concepts behind 3D modelling and teaches you how to produce 3D drawings and models in AutoCAD. Enhance your skills and increase productivity with this advanced training course.

Autodesk Advance Steel:

Autodesk Advance Steel is a powerful software for 3D steel modelling, detailing, and documentation. This course will teach you how to accelerate the design process, steel detailing, fabrication, and construction using Advance Steel. With a vast library of intelligent structural elements, steel connections, and automated tools, Advance Steel integrates seamlessly with other software such as Revit, Dynamo, and Navisworks.

Aveva E3D Admin Fundamental:

The Aveva E3D Admin Fundamental course empowers participants to design structural, piping, electrical, and instrumentation components of various projects on a real-time and online collaborative platform. Gain the skills and knowledge to utilize the AVEVA Plant Design Management System (PDMS) software effectively for power plants, marine projects, and oil and gas projects of all sizes.

Becoming an Electronic Document Controller:

In the age of digital transformation, managing documents electronically is crucial for organizations. This ILM-certified program focuses on setting up and maintaining an advanced Electronic Document and Management System (EDMS). Learn the best practices for document control, ensuring efficient and secure management of electronic documents within your organization.

Bentley STAAD.Pro®

The Bentley STAAD.Pro® V8i training is recommended for the Professional Development pathway for Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, and Projects Engineers. STAAD.Pro® V8i, developed by Bentley Systems, is a widely used software and is considered a boon for civil engineers by helping them create and analyze outlines of various structures. STAAD.Pro V8i, the most refreshed variant with its eccentric and forefront highlights, has dropped down manual works to a great extent and has resolved issues related to time and complexity. This software effectively looks forward to numerous parts of Structural Design, for example, Model Development, Analysis, Verification, Design, and toward the end Review of the outcomes. The course curriculum provides practical skills and tools that can confidently be applied on the job immediately upon completion of the training course.

Facilities Engineering, Operations & Maintenance Training:

Optimally managing facilities is crucial in today’s dynamic energy and technology industries. This five-day course provides comprehensive knowledge of facility design, installation, construction, operations, maintenance, health, and environmental issues. Learn how to maximize the potential of complex facilities while minimizing operational costs.

Fusion 360 (Beginner & Intermediate):

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a powerful 3D CAD software used for mechanical design, engineering, simulation, CAM, and collaboration. This introductory course takes you through the remaining steps of the design process, including conceptual sketching, solid modelling, assembly design, and drawing production. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with 3D modelling, this course will provide you with the necessary skills to create professional designs using Fusion 360.

General HSE (ISPON Certified):

Safety is paramount in any workplace. The General HSE course is designed to equip workers with knowledge about safe work procedures, hazard identification and control, and measures to ensure personal safety on and off the job. By completing this ISPON-certified course, you will have a better understanding of workplace safety protocols and be able to contribute to a safe working environment.

These top 10 picks in engineering technology training/services offered by Lonadek Nigeria Limited provide valuable opportunities to expand your skills, gain industry-recognized certifications, and enhance your career prospects. Whether you’re looking to specialize in cost engineering, oil and gas fundamentals, 3D modelling, facility management, or other areas, Lonadek’s training programs can help you achieve your goals. Take the first step towards professional growth and enrol in one of these courses to make the most of your career.

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